For all new Subdivision and Land Development please note that the Township has recently adopted a new SALDO Ordinance. It is in the process of being updated on Kidder E-codes. Contact the Township with any questions you may have. New Zoning ordinances and the Zoning Map are in the process of being updated as well.

Meetings are held the 1st Wednesday of every month when there are plans to be reviewed

Mr. Eugene Getz – Chairman

Mr. Jim Smith – Vice Chairman

Mr. Larry Polansky

Ms. Darlene C. Plank

Mr. Ray Gluck

Mr. Bob Dobosh

Mr. Brian Rafferty

Mr. Wilson Klotzman – Alternate

Ms. Cindy Norato – Planning Commission Administrator

ARRO Engineering & Environmental Consultants – Township Engineer

Mr. Joe Ferdinand – Planning Commission Solicitor

All Planning meetings open to the public starting at 6:00 PM.

For more information contact the Township Office.

*** The Next Planning Meeting is scheduled for August 2, 2017***


Aust 2017 Planning Agenda 275.33 KB 5 downloads


Planning Minutes March 2017 223.63 KB 30 downloads


Planning Minutes February 2017 223.61 KB 23 downloads


Planning Minutes January 2017 120.25 KB 22 downloads


Planning Minutes November 2016 235.96 KB 15 downloads


Planning Minutes October 2016 147.52 KB 11 downloads


Planning Minutes September 2016 151.45 KB 12 downloads